T & N Furniture Sdn Bhd was established in 2001 as a contemporary furniture and specialist children furniture trading business.

We are a reputable Company and we specialize in luxurious, high quality, modern and contemporary furniture lines. We design, assemble, and trade in all ranges of furniture including living room, dining room, bedroom, office and
outdoor furniture.

It is our goal to strive and produce the finest quality of furniture that meet the standard and safety guidelines. We take pride in the quality and safety of our products, our exceptional customer service, and our competitive pricing policy.

We sincerely welcome you to visit our beautiful showroom to view our wide range of most trendy furniture design in town!

TNJCK Giolisa Sofa with Stool

TNEDWD 3559 Chair

TNEDWD 3561 Chair

TMEDWD 3563 Chair

TNEDWD 3564 Chair

TNJCK Elvis Sofa Set

Little New Skyline

Little 969

TNJCK 1590C Dinning Set

Little House

TNDM YSL Recliner Headboard 5กฏ Bed


TNDM OMEGA 5กฏ Bed Only

TNCRW Promotion Chair

TNJCK 3660A + 8014 (White Glass Top)

TNJCK 0915-I + Pasko

Little Blue Cube

EM ZLN015 Full Leather Swivel Chair

Little Fire Engine Bed

EM 906DC

EM 8616ADT

TNEK 3142 Living Set Light Green

TNYG 56004-SEGY Living Set

EM Royal Queen Chair

Little Crystal Dresser

Little Crystal Bed

CRYSTAL 5' Queen Size

SAPPHIRE 5' Queen Size

DIAMOND 5' Queen Size

EM M6335 Dinning Chair

EM Y8382 RoseGold Dinning Table

TNGN I-Plush 5' Queen Size Mattress

TNGN I-Recharged 5' Queen Size Mattress

TNGN I-Foam 3' Single Size Mattress

TNGN I-Shape 5' Queen Size Mattress

TNGN I-Spring 5' Queen Size Mattress

TNGN I-Dream 5' Queen Size Mattress

TNGN I-Refresh 5' Queen Size Mattress

TNGN I-Deluxe 5' Queen Size Mattress

Little Angel Bed

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